ACTION: Next an email gets sent out based on what the customer did.

So if the customer did not want to click through to the next funnel page a follow up email could be sent out to "ReMarket" them in the future.  If they signed up for notifications about the product or service they may get an email with updates in the future.  (This page is only demonstrating an email sequence.  The customer would not see this page, this is a demonstration of a process only.)

Say they purchase, this email would thank them and offer them an upsell

Consumers expect follow up from their purchases.  This emails are normallly sent out from a customer email service or via their server system.  We can set this up for them if needed.

If they did not purchase

A second email goes out

This would "remarket" the customer with another offer at a later date or maybe give them an offer on a less expensive product or service